Let’s change the way you manage your Chronic Illness

  • There are long wait times to see Endocrinologist as that specialization is scarce
  • You hardly get 10 to 15 minutes to meet the doctor. forget discussing chronic issues
  • Meetings are based on a specific day's reports and not on a pattern of readings
  • EndoQure® is a way to prevent emergencies in this era of Diabetic epidemic
  • Effective and timely cure a reality for better Quality of Life for the patient

What if?

  • Seamless transfer of home drawn vitals
  • Prevent and predict your future Health
  • Vitals recorded using your personal devices are ported directly to Provider’s dashboards.
  • Devices are automated to collect and transfer the data to your Healthcare Provider in a seamless manner in real-time
  • Pro-active appointments based on Patient’s health condition
  • Diet/Optimal cuisine suitable for your specific health conditions and body temperament
  • Exercise is monitored and guided

Putting Your Health in Your Hands

  • Cutting edge SAAS platform integrated into personal health devices
  • Connects and collaborates with the Health care provider and related parties
  • All in one App for Appointments, Renew Prescriptions, message to Doctor       and family
  • For emergencies VR HoloLense Doctor - like Doctor on Call

How we can help:

  • EndoQure® helps you to Predict & Prevent future adverse events.
  • Anywhere Health: Connects your Provider through VR
  • Personal Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Collaboration with Payer, family and Social
  • 100% Privacy & security to your health data

What do we offer

EndoQure platform and Products are US Patent filed



SAAS Platform

USPTO Filed: 16555480

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Intelligent Smart Syringe

USPTO Filed: 16555911

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Ultra Advanced Diet Scale

USPTO Filed: 16555105

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