EndoQure®™ Health Systems Private Limited

EndoQure® is a Fusion of solutions for the Healthcare Industry.
EndoQure® started by the team of people well versed in providing Healthcare Solutions Space worldwide. The initiative was to bring ease of use and innovation in the products and solutions available in the Healthcare Industry. Our vision is to an interconnected healthcare world, powered by EndoQure®: connecting Consumer, Provider, Payer with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.
The trilogy of Healthcare Industry viz., Consumer the patient, Provider the specialist Doctor and Payer the insurance Company are the key beneficiaries of this initiative.
EndoQure® delivers compelling solutions to facilitate ameliorated performance and outcomes. Our product solutions and services promote fusion of all the disparate healthcare systems that operate currently in isolation leading to inefficiency, redundancy, higher time and costs.
EndoQure® products and solutions are developed with intense research in association with Patient, Provider & Family with a pragmatic approach.
EndoQure® differentiates and sets the company apart from the competition with a simple act of listening. From the conception of the idea to the delivery of its products and services, we take input every step of the way from our target customers. In a scenario where healthcare companies have too often given in to being good enough, EndoQure® recognizes that healthcare customers deserve the best Our unique differentiator is our Technical team understands Healthcare space and Healthcare professionals understand the Technology nuances. They complement each other seamlessly to come out with the best product to the customer. We treat each customer with personal attention and care and happy to provide personal assistance and guidance.

The key differentiators



One Size Fits All

Fragmented & One Way

Provider Centric

Medication Driven

Little attention on Out-Px

Home Drawn vitals less Imp

Diet importance is informed

Not Collaborative











Personalized Treatment

Integrated & Two Way

Patient Centric

Diet, Exercise, Stress, BMI & Medication
driven treatment

Regular Interaction based on Analytics

Integrate multiple Sensors Information

Diet Adherence is improved

Collaboration with Family, Dieticians, Doctors       and Community