QuRE® SAAS Platform:

EndoQure is Collaborative, Contextual, Contemporary

Most of the Endocrinologists do not get to know neither the patient’s adherence to prescriptions and recommendations in-terms of Diet, medication, Exercise, Sleep, Stress patterns on regular basis, nor their regular vitals to predict future course of actions. It is proven by various clinical research trials that outcomes are different for the administration of same medication on a group of individual subjects having different dietary and lifestyle choices. EndoQure mitigates the guess work by reporting the Vitals and lifestyle variables to the doctors there by reducing the visits, excessive medications, saving time for real emergencies and Improving the overall health of the patients served. It also helps in prioritising seriously ill patients who are waiting for an appointment to be attended and preventing emergencies thereby.
Our solution "EndoQure” ® beams Qualitative and Quantitative vital information from the patients at regular intervals to Care Providers helping in prescription of appropriate treatment. The solution Platform integrates Patient, Family, Payer, provider and Pharma which makes it most Contemporary, Contextual, and Collaborative platform that helps the patients to improve their health through cost effective ways, reducing the burden on health care system. EndoQure® is a “Software As A Service” platform integrating CDSS, Diet Management using best of breed technologies including AI/ML.